Doug Haynes Madison , WI 

"My daughter had the opportunity to take dance classes with Susan last year.  It was a great experience for my daugher.  I was impressed with the way Susan was able to guide the group.  She leads each student towards finding their own unique way to move.  At the end of 10 weeks of classes, the students put on a presentation of choreography that they had developed in class.   The students interacted with the music and each other in a performance that was quite beautiful."  

JungJa Lee

Madison, WI

"Susan is a wonderful teacher.  Both my daughter and I took her class when she taught at Chiao-Ping's studio in Oregon, WI.  Her class was based on Laban Movement Analysis, which was quite analytical and orderly, which helps beginners, both adult and children, to follow easily.  Based on Laban's technique, she further helps us to mix different movements in creative ways.  I was in awe as she added music to the movement which we--as individuals and as a group--created.  I thought I was just doing simple movements, but it became such a great piece which I could only see in dance performance and TV.  It was like magic.  Her class was  fun, earthy and airy.  She is an open spirit who respects each one of us."  

Wren Singer Wielgus

Madison, WI

"My daughter really enjoyed her dance and movement class with Susan.  The class was focused on creativity, confidence building and strength, not necessarily on self-conscious beauty like many other dance programs.  I highly recommend Susan as an instructor for young girls."

Molly Wolf

Joyce, IA

"Once Miss Susie joined our Little Gym team it did not take long for us to realize that her fun and active spirit would enhance our gym atmosphere! Susie provided safe movement development for children, expertise and knowledge for parents, and so many, many laughs. She understands the way children learn and also that all children learn a little differently.  She teaches through laughter and empowerment, and there is no better way to ensure a child's self-esteem is on the rise. Miss Susie has a passion for children, for learning, for self confidence and for fun. Any child who gets to spend time working with her will be a lucky one."

Brianna Z Kauer Madison, WI

"Susan is an excellent dancer and teacher. She is full of creative ideas and patience. I enjoyed how her class was centered around the children's movements and creative energy." 

Heather Last

Madison, WI

"Both my girls (ages 8 and 5) LOVED taking Creative Dance with Susan!  They have both been in ballet for the last 3 years and they loved being able to do different movements, wear whatever they wanted and choreograph their own routine for show week.  As a parent, I loved watching them learn to be creative, speak up and lead and to know that dance can look like many different things.  Susan was so patient and great at getting the kids to express themselves as unique individuals and still work together as a group."

JoAnn Skloot

Madison, WI

"My Granddaughter has spent the last two years taking classes from Susan. She is a fabulous teacher who has great respect for children and their creative life.  She fosters self- confidence, guides the children into creating their own choreography, which is fun and beautiful all the while keeping an eye on their progression as movers.  I highly recommend her as a teacher!"


Kate MacCrimmon 

Madison, WI

"Susan is an enthusiastic and sensitive teacher of movement and dance.  She is flexible and understanding, and allows my daughter to enjoy the freedom to move and create.  Her accepting attitude and encouragement to move from within are refreshing, and are accompanied by skillful and gentle guidance."

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